04/30/06 MSGBS Announcment - Almost 2 years after I shut the book on the MSGBS I am happy to annouce that I am back!!! And to kick things into gear I am proud to bring you the brand new MSGBS v2.0 ruleset.

This new rules plug-in will change the way you play the game, the way you use your mobile suits. I am not lying to you pilots this will completely shake up the MSGBS and turn it into a slick, super-fun game, where tactics and positioning are much more important than number-crunching. So Welcome back one and all, be sure to check out the MSGBS v2.0 by clicking here or on the navigation bar. Time to take it to a whole new level Pilots...

02/09/04 MSGBS Announcment - All good things must end, and the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System is one of those good things.What does this mean? Well for one don't panic I am not closing the website, but I wont be updating it for the forseeable future either. For the last few months I've been unable to gather the time to update MSGBS. With my new job, my growing family and other projects this home for Gundam wargaming on the web may have ran its course.

The initial idea of the website was to introduce a way of gaming with your MSIA, the rulesets available here able you to fight your battles on earth, in the sea and in space. I feel beyond that there is little else I can provide you to explore the Gundam Genre and create your own scenarios, new suits and of course universes.

What happened to the planned supplements?
In the final stages of the creation of 0080 and the Mobile Armors of 0079 my computer suffered a system crash brought on by an rather nasty virus. Normally this wouldn't effect anything as I keep backups, but by freak chance the backups were corrupted too. As I was playing with the idea of shutting down the updates for MSGBS, and that even my notes had gone. I decided then it was time to announce my semi-retirement.

Are you leaving the Gundam genre?
No, I am not leaving the Gundam genre, I am a firm believer that never is too strong a word to go back on, and I may come back to the MSGBS in time... I will be honest though and say I've been increasingly jaded by a series of Gundam 'Fans' I've run across, and the amount of back biting and name calling that goes on from these purists. I am sure the series writers at times didn't let physics get in the way of a good story about 80ft tall walking robots, nor would they worry to much slight variations from canon. But that is the way of things, and 'Fan' is short for Fanatic and that is too be expected. But certain 'Fans' did spoil the Gundam genre for me... I will though keep collecting the MSIA that I like, occasionally potter around a few boards, and if the mood strikes me (or I have time) again I will return to the MSGBS.

For now though I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this project, my wife for providing a sounding board for ideas and for beating me so many times during the play testing of the rules. To the all the fans who names are too many to list for the encouragement, ideas and energy you gave me. Thank you all, and whomever your god is may he always walk with you.
Domo arigato,
Nick Davis
MSGBS Webmaster

07/10/01 News Update - An historical annoucement on the Gundam.com website. Just over two weeks after the opening of the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System, Gundam.com annouced the website to the world.

Warhammer 40K Gundam Add-On
Nick Davis has developed an expansion for Warhammer 40K that allows use of 08th MS Team models/action figures as units. Warhammer 40K is a tabletop game, played with lead miniatures. Anyways, the rules add-on is over at www.gundambattlesystem.com. Go check it out! Nick will be adding MS from more series soon.
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