Hello, welcome Pilots and thank you for visiting the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System. My name is Nick Davis and I am the Webmaster for this little piece universal century cyber-space. For those of you who know I used to work on the GW magazine called White Dwarf. Right now I am currently residing in the US of A with my wife, two kids and work for small company as there Promotions and Graphics Manager, while I carve a niche for myself here in the outer colonies. Before you ask though the only thing I really miss is a decent cup of tea.

This Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System is part of my Alt-World rules plug-in series for the Games Workshop gaming systems, allowing you to fight battles on the tabletop between your Gundam and Mobile suit action figures or Model kits. You can find out more about Games Workshop here, so you can use the Plug-in Rules presented on this website.

The inspiration for this system comes from watching the MS 08 Team series. There was something so evocative about Mobile Suits fighting it out in the Jungles of southeast Asia. It was more gritty and inspirational than the usual ‘space-opera’ that has been presented in other Gundam series. The Battle System therefore reflects the claustophobic down to earth Mobile suit actions that took part on Earth during the One Year War of UC079.

Now you can command your own teams of Mobile Suits in battle. You can choose your side, take command of a beleagued Federation Mobile team or the Zeon Expeditonary forces - with their powerful Zaku’s, Doms and Magella Attack Tanks.

Remember these rules are not official in anyway and are presented to show what you can do with a little imagination. Taking an fantastic genre like the Gundam Worlds and making it work on the tabletop has been fun, so remember that this game is fun! Now before I go here is a very important note; unless its mentioned in the plug-in rules follow all the rules for shooting, combat and movement that the Games Workshop rulebooks.

Now please download the files, and read and enjoy this plug-in. Any comments or suggestions you have about the Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System, please contact me. Now go and have fun...

Nick Davis - Webmaster

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System would like to thank the following contributors:
Myke - Rodimus Prime, Keith Remillard, Brandon and Chris Smith.