The following links are other Gundam related sites which contain far more information on the Gundam universe than I could provide here. Please contact the Webmaster with your URL and don't forget to include a brief description of your site.

Gundam related links
Please note links are not tested and may lead to broken websites.

The Official Gundam Website - The Official Gundam site from Bandai.

Hobby Link Japan - Perhaps the best place on the net to find Gundams.

The FAHQ - The place to go to find out the latest news on Anime and Gundams.

Kojima Battalion - MSIA Figure reviews, news and conversion website. Check out the great MSIA conversions on this website, inspiration stuff for Pilots everywhere.

GundamWatch - An unofficial Gundam Fansite, check it out for Gundam related news and MSIA reviews. Features a Bulletin Board, warning the Online Community is very insular

The World Wide Gundam Information Network - Technical readouts on everything Gundam and Mobile suit related.

Mobile Suit Arsenal - A great site full of hand drawn renditions of the Mobile Suits of the One Year War.

Ravens Nest - Nice little Gundam and Mecha related site - a place to go for Armored Core and MSIA fans a like. - This great unofficial site is currently offline for the forseeable future.

The Gundam Project RIP -The resting place and final Q&A on the fate of the Gundam Project by its creator Mark Simmons.

The Gundam Project - A comprehensive breakdown of the Gundam Universe. Note, this link points to the archived website courtesy of the Wayback machine and this is not a complete or stable version of the original website.