Grey Gundam - The Conclusion

Hello, well the first every MSGBS Online Campaign has finished with over 12 weeks of hot gaming action I thought I should try to put some pen to paper and give you my thoughts on the entire campaign. Starting off with question I got asked the most, why did I start one?

As many of you know I am an avid wargamer, and one of the reasons I created the MSGBS in the first place was to fight battles using Mobile Suits. The Grey Gundam Campaign was created from a number of modified missions from WH40K game system I used to play test the rules plug-in.

My Original idea was to publish the missions on the site as just scenarios... Then I thought it would be much more fun to present them in a campaign format. You see by this time my opponents (mainly the wife) and I had created a some short backgrounds behind the Mobile Suit teams battling for supremacy. You may notice that two of the special characters presented in the Grey Gundam Campaign have a remarkable resemblence to me and my beloved wife... Indeed Lady Jessica Ide was her own creation and was a nice departure from the Male lead characters seen in Gundam series, but I digress.

So I created the Campaign and named it after the suit Lady Jessica the RX-78-G3, the idea was that the Lady Jessica Ide was shuttled to the North East America frontlines to hunt down and confront the Zeon Ace Lance Castle. The missions that followed were Lady Jessica's journey to finally confronting Lance Castle in the ruins of Zeon Harrisburg base. While the Grey Gundam had the potential to end in disaster, Lady Jessica with the help of her Mobile Suit team managed to stop the insane paranoid General Miko Troist. The Zeon Ace Lance though escaped to fight another day (he might even turn up in a future campaign).

Creating the Campaign and publishing the missions week in week out, certainley was an eye opener for me. Being the very first MSGBS Online campaign it did meet with mild success amongst the hardcore MSGBS gamers. I can only hope that I have managed to create a valuable gaming resource to accompany the main game system and which will be used again and again.

Anyhow I am rambling, the entire campaign has been a positive experience for me and it was good to see people taking my plug-in and playing games.

To the right you can see the Victory Poll for the entire Grey Gundam Campaign. The actually winners of the Campaign were the Zeon armed forces, but it is a matter of record that the stretched Zeon military evacuated the majority forces off earth before the start of 0080

Before I sign off I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who took part in the Campaign and contributed to its success. You are the reason why I brought the MSGBS into existence, so keep prodding me and I will do my best to keep the MSGBS growing from strength to strength. Below are a number of images that never found there way onto any of the Grey Gundam Publications, I thought I would share them with you here. Now keep playing, contribute to the forums and let me know what you would like to see, for now I am returning to space... Take care and God bless...

Good luck Pilots and have fun!!!

Nick Davis - MSGBS Webmaster

Click here or the Map above to view images from the Grey Gundam Campaign