Carrier Group Hermes conclusions

Greetings Pilots, well we have completed the second Mobile Suit Gundam Battle System Online Campaign. Now after nearly twelve weeks of desperate battles, ambushes, picket duty and a fleet shattering conclusion Carrier Group Hermes has come to a shattering end. With all the fighting over and done with, it's now my turn to put finger to keyboard and write this enjoyable campaigns conclusion.

Carrier Group Hermes is the MSGBS second ever online campaign; with the first being the Grey Gundam. So with the release of the Return to Space rules I thought it would be fun to run Carrier Group Hermes. Unlike Grey Gundam, CHG had a more doom-laden theme running through the entire campaign. The upstart Federation was returning to space to take on Zeon in its own backyard, now the Feddies would find themselves at a disadvantage as they lacked the Zeon Commanders considerable Mobile Force space operation experience.

Almost every scenario in the CHG campaign we found the Federation Carrier Group facing heavy odds, or fighting in desperate actions. To answer a question that was emailed to me about the campaign, yes CHG is written to be harder on Federation Forces than Zeon. Maybe I leaned too much one way than the over, but it sort of compensated for the more Federation friendly Grey Gundam.

Unlike Grey Gundam, CHG seemed to have attracted a few newer MSGBS Gamers, maybe the gaming system is becoming more popular or we just have more Pilots I cannot tell. However, CHG has proved to be more popular than its first sibling Grey Gundam. True to form though we evolved the story line of one of our favorite Pilots. Lady Jessica Ide was present throughout CHG, although she didn't have her Gundam (as it was reassigned to Luna II) she did pilot one of the GM Light types - if she made a difference for the Federation forces I do not know. During my playtesting of all the scenarios she made a small difference, and given the dangerous nature of space combat a small difference is sometimes all you need.

To the right you can see the final results for the Carrier Group Hermes campaign, the Zeon space forces managed to force quite a convincing win over the Federation fleet. Again it is a matter of record that Zeon lost the OYW and many of its fleets were scattered into hiding amongst the various friendly sides and debris zones. The entire CGH campaign was a tough fight for both forces, in the end though the remnants of the Zeon Vanguard fleet managed to knock back the Federation probe fleet in the Rainbow shoal. Carrier Group Hermes was severely mauled with only a now very badly damaged Hermes surviving the last battle against the Zeon Mobile Armor Big-Ro. After this battle the Federation concentrated guarding the space lanes between the Sides and left the jagged hell of the Rainbow zone as a no mans land. Given the Zeon's Military superior experience in space I am sure the Rainbow shoal became a haven for guerilla operations and wolf pack fleets.

I would like to take this moment to say thank you to all Pilots who took part in the Carrier Group Hermes Campaign and help contribute to its success. The reason the MSGBS keeps growing month in, month out is because of you. I can promise you that the MSGBS will keep expanding and don't think we have seen the last of the Rainbow shoal in future online campaigns. Feel free to use the scenarios presented in this campaign in your own Return to Space battles, contribute to the forums and please let me know what you would like to see next. Me, I think its time I dragged the MSGBS into the New Year as I begin work on the 0080 supplement. Take care and god bless…

Good luck Pilots and have fun!

Nick Davis - MSGBS Webmaster