Zeon Mobile Suit - MS-06S Zaku II
After the opening month of the OYW, Zeon designers saw the need for a command type Zaku II. This suit was known as the MS-06S Zaku II Commander Type, or the S-Type. It was identical to the F-Type, but with refitted powerful reaction which gave the suit an additional 30% extra thrust over the convention Zaku II. The suit was also outfitted with a powerful communications 'antennae' enabling squadron commanders to keep in touch on the field.

The S-Type was more than just a command unit; it was a potent weapon in the hands of an expert pilot. The Zeon Aces gave their S-Types custom paint jobs, with the most famous being the red and maroon colors of the 'Red Comet' Char Aznable, one of the most famous aces of the OYW.