Zeon Mobile Suit -
MSN-02 Zeong

The MSN-02 Zeong was the first true mobile suit built especially for use by Newtype pilots. It was developed late in the OYW, and the first prototype suit was still under construction with A Bao A Qu came under attack. Although the suit was only 'eighty percent complete', Kycilia Zabi ordered Zeon Ace Char 'Red Comet' Azanble to sortie out with it in a last-ditch attempt to stop the Federation Fleet. Luckily the Zeong was one hundred percent complete for combat, with only the legs missing, which were not need for the space battle.

The Zeong was unique, it was the first mobile suit to be fitted with the psycommu system, allowing its Newtype pilot to effectively use the remove controlled, wire guided arms - which mounted five beam guns in the hands' fingers. The Zeong also had it cockpit located in its head, instead of the usual torso location, the head also mounted a mega-particle cannon, so it could be separated from the Zeong's main body and continue to operate and fight.

It is known that only one MSN-02 Zeong was ever constructed and this prototype was destroyed in Char's final duel of the OYW with Amuro Ray.