Welcome to the Endless Waltz Data section. Within this area of the MSGBS website you will find the technical specifications and illustrations for the Mobile Suits fielded in the Endless Waltz OVA.

Illustration by Mark Simmons

Pictured above is the MMS-01 (OZ-17MS) Serpent developed in AC 195 as a replacement for the aged OZ-06MS Leo. The Barton Foundation, as part of their coup over the Earth Sphere seized the design and production facilities for the Serpent. The Foundation went on to produce 500 Serpents to retool their military force for its drop on earth. The MMS-01 (OZ-17MS) Serpent was a powerful suit, and was designed for space and land combat. Built from the neo-titanium alloy, the MS was physically as tough as the fabled Gundams, carried enough firepower to go toe to toe with them and was much less expensive to produce.